DSC 6558Pictured: Rev. John Martin Ruiz OP, Adam Shrivinski, Carl Picconatto, Conrad DeWitte Jr., Daniel Kerns, Joel T Weber, Phillip Butler, Roderick Cruz, William Cavanagh Jr., AWD District Master John Winfrey, MD District Master Thomas Greul, Former AWD Master Joseph Murtha, and the rest of the 2015 AWD Priests' Fourth Degree Exemplification Class
At the 2015 Archdiocese of Washington Priests' Exemplification the James Cardinal Hickey Assembly welcomed nine new Sir Knights as members.

"I look forward to having our new Sir Knights assist us with our critical work in support of our veterans and military personnel at home and abroad," said Faithful Navigator Otto Heck. "As more men continue to flock to the patriotic work of the Fourth Degree, we look forward to increasing our programming and assistance to our community."

Held at the St. John Paul II National Shrine in Washington, DC, the Exemplification brought 16 new Sir Knights into the Fourth Degree District.  The Principal Exemplification of hte Fourth Degree will take place on April 11 at the Colony South Hotel and Conference Center in Clinton, MD.