For over 15 years the James Cardinal Hickey Assembly #2534 (previously Prince of the Church Assembly) has been a pillar of service to the Church and state.

Chartered on June 15th, 1998, the Hickey Assembly and its members have created and been involved in some of the true hallmark programs of the Knights of Columbus, and in particular the Fourth Degree.

The Hickey Assembly created the seed funding for the World War II Memorial; It initiated and oversaw the gilding of President Kennedy's Second Inaugural Address on his grave at Arlington National Cemetery; It developed the Armed With the Faith prayer book that is reaching it's 600,000th printed copy this year and has been adapted for the militaries of Canada, South Korea, and the United Kingdom; it piloted the Pray With Our Troops program -- helping bring the tools to spreading the Gospel and Catholic catechesis to our troops in Afghanistan through our military chaplains; and with our unmatched service to our military chaplains and the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA.

These and many more programs are carried out by Sir Knights of the Hickey Assembly of all ages.  From 18 to 78, the Knights of the Hickey Assembly are here to serve God and Country.