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01.20.2018 8:30 am - 12:00 pm

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8:00AM: All Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) pedestrian gates open

8:00AM: ANC Welcome Center Parking Lot opens (only vehicles with handicap permits and Permanent ANC Family Gravesite permits will be allowed to park in the Welcome Center. Parking is free until 3:00PM.)

8:30AM: Opening Ceremony- Brief Volunteer Instructional Briefing at McClellan Gate located just off Eisenhower Drive between Section 33 and 12, on McClellan Drive

8:45AM: Wreath clean-up begins


  • Volunteers are asked to pick up ONLY those WAA wreaths placed in December, leaving any other wreaths or decorations in place.
  • There will be several dumpsters placed throughout the cemetery to dispose of the wreaths. There are a limited number of dumpsters available—please pack the wreaths as tightly as possible in the dumpsters
  • We'd love if our volunteers could stay at least until 12:00 noon, to help with any extra wreath disposal needed at locations throughout the cemetery.
  • SAFETY: Volunteers need to be aware and give the right away to vehicles will be moving around the cemetery to help compress wreaths inside the dumpsters and remove them when they are filled.  We ask volunteers to move out of the roadway to let these vehicles pass when they approach.
  • SAFETY: Regarding Overflowing Dumpsters - Volunteers need to find other empty dumpsters when they encounter dumpsters that are already filled.  Please carry wreaths to other unfilled dumpsters and do not drop them next to filled dumpsters since it prevents compression or removal of the dumpster.  At no time should a volunteer be jumping or climbing on top of wreaths to compress them.

Parking at the ANC Welcome Center

  • The ANC Welcome Center Parking Lot will open at 8:00AM and will have free parking until 3:00PM.
  • Only vehicles with Permanent ANC Family Gravesite Passes and those with valid Handicap Permits will be allowed to park at Welcome Center Parking Lot.
  • Vehicles with Handicap Parking Permits will be accommodated in the ANC Administrative Building Parking Lot, until it reaches capacity.
  • All Vehicles with ANC Family Passes and Handicap Permits will be accommodated in the ANC parking garage, until it reaches capacity. Any vehicles arriving before the cemetery’s opening at 8:00AM will be required to depart and return at 8:00AM.
  • There will be Bus parking available in the Welcome Center garage for approximately 33 buses. 

For the safety of all involved, no private vehicles will be allowed to enter the Cemetery grounds until after 3:00pm on Wreath Clean-up Day. There will be NO General Public parking at the Welcome Center Parking Lot until after 3:00pm on Wreath Clean-up Day. Due to the limited and restricted parking requirements, we encourage volunteers to use the Metro Rail system.

Metro Rail System Tips:

  • PLEASE NOTE: The Pentagon Metro Station will be closed on Saturday, January 20th from opening until noon, due to a police training event. Please plan accordingly. Arlington Station will be open as usual.
  • Use a SmarTrip card for a Round Trip
  • Buy your SmarTrip card in advance to avoid delays—not on Saturday morning. You can purchase at any station or online at http://wmata.com/fares/smartrip/  
  • Visitors and volunteers should expect long lines and crowded conditions when entering and leaving the Arlington Cemetery Station.

ANC Pedestrian Gates

All ANC pedestrian gates will open at 8:00AM. Clockwise from north these gates include:

  • Ord-Weitzel Gate (near the Iwo Jima Memorial and Rosslyn Metro)
  • Main Cemetery and the Welcome Center Gates (nearest Arlington Cemetery Metro)
  • South Maintenance Complex Gate (nearest Pentagon and Pentagon City Metro (PLEASE NOTE: the maintenance gate will close at 2:00PM on Saturday; if you want to exit via the maintenance gate, please make sure you do so before 2:00PM. 
  • Fort Myer Old Post Chapel Gate

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